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Natalia Matusik, Esq.

Welcome, my name is Natalia Matusik. I specialize in securing and defending licenses for Medical Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and other professional licensees in the State of California.  I have been a licensed attorney in the State of California since 2006.  I am a former Deputy District Attorney and former Deputy Attorney General. I have a vast amount of knowledge and practical experience in the field of professional licensing coupled with criminal law. I am here to help you to retain your professional license.  Please, give me a call so we can discuss your case. Time is of the essence so please call  or text right away. tel:8588681810

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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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Law School:

Natalia Matusik obtained her law degree from University of San Diego School of Law in 2004.
Natalia Matusik obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Political Science from UCLA in 1999.

In 2001, Ms. Matusik obtained her Master’s Degree in Policy Studies (MPP) from UCLA School of Public Policy, Social Research and Urban Planning (currently UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs) with the concentration in crime and drug policies.


Ms. Matusik spent nine years working as a Deputy District Attorney in Riverside prosecuting misdemeanor crimes, general felonies, domestic violence cases, child abuse cases, sex offenses and drug related crimes. 

Subsequently, Ms. Matusik worked as a Deputy Attorney General in the Licensing Section at the California Department of Justice. 

California State Bar:

Admitted to the California State bar in 2006. With an exemplary record.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Ben C. 2/8/23

At first I was skeptical but then when we went to court she controlled everything and won my case. She knows what she is doing, the court listened to her and sided with me on my case. I am happy for sure.

Tvzi Azwalt 7/8/22

I didn't go with Natalia, but thought it was important to say she spent so much time in helping me that I found out I did not need an attorney for my problem. So, she saved me money and time. What a great attorney. Otherwise I would have nabbed her fast.

Ismal Hussain 02/12/21

Could not have been happier. I give Natalia 5 stars cause she was the only one who would listen. They tried to suspend my business license. I need help desperately. Recommended

Devin Parvin 02/14/21

I was totally stressed out and found this attorney online. She is very experienced and was willing to hear my story. I lost my license for my business but it looks like I have a good chance in getting it back for sure.

Walishi Mohammed 01/24/21

Very impressed with Natalia's credentials. I recommend her she is in the L.A. area.

Scott V. 01/03/21

Found Natalia online. I called her and she answered right away. She spent quality time with me going over my case. I felt so much better after speaking with her. I would recommend her she is very informative.

Anonymous 02/14/20

Natalia was pleasant to speak with and was able to modify my licensing to where it was favorable to me. Thank you Natalia you're the best.